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I am a fool, but I shall give
a kingdom for a horse, I'll leave
the nobil spirit of my land
for something that you'll never understand-
a flower, in my hand...

A fool I am myself, my liege,
abandoned, I shall wait the siege
of those bright flowers of the spring,
and while this war of light you bring,
to your kind hands I'll be

What gives a flower the beauty of a ring?
The tear on each eye brought... might
or something given from the moon or sun
like pale ears blushing for the lucky man
who dares to see the colours of the spring,
who dares to speak, to dance, to sing?

You'll wait the siege in empty rock
until the spring is far or locked;
the way of waiting for the flowers to become
a weapon, the life you'll wait to come
on every fragment of your skin -
this part I wonder how I shall fulfill...

The fool I am, in acts, prestige
I'll never want another liege;
for something I know all about
you raped my mind, I feel I'm caught
between to leave and stay around...

(I talk to much, true sorry, with a word
you changed my way of being short.
I couldn't understand for what
the poetry has changed my life, my mind...
It's a stupidity....if you are kind
do not transform those aberrations in what
will surelly break my heart)

I hadn’t waste my words, but only
spoke my heart, my lonely
knight in broken armor. No war
I wait, no battle, just a flower.

Your heart should stay but in one piece
and if it should, perhaps, find peace
then “stay” it’d be the word you seek,
nevertheless, it is the word I speak.

A flower I should give you now
for soul I've seen inside me grow,
but broken armor, many pieces
I have to give with washed dishes
and food for mind is well prepared
for everyone, can we get started?


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